Sunday, October 5, 2014

RETURNING: Instant Mom: An Aaron Episode

This a returning show that we're only going to cover some episodes of, but the first episode of the new season is included! Gabby has a minimal role, which is different, and Aaron has noticeably grown since last season. Maggie's screentime was about how I liked it, but that was about the only thing I really enjoyed. I think this show really needs to come up with a good way to keep all of the characters involved, or limit itself to a solid B-story rather than B- and C- tidbits that leave audiences hanging. Still, this is a series that could make some great holiday episodes, so I look forward to checking back.

Instant Mom "Sanders Again" (S02E01): Aaron and Gabby fight over the television, but James makes a bigger deal out of wanting a 3D TV. Aaron not getting his way causes him to bring back an old imaginary friend, Sanders, who is a troublemaker. When Aaron bring him to school, it causes a disturbance and Stephanie must tell Aaron that Sanders has been suspended and can only play at home. But, he returns, and Stephanie must pick him up during lunch, which only leads to an elaborate story about where the "kid" ended up - the hospital.
When Stephanie begins to play along too much, she winds up ending the whole charade by throwing the kid out of the house. Cue Maggie running him over after being established as a bad driver. [the fact that she managed to scratch both Stephanie and Charlie's cars was pointed out only to play up her idiocy.] 
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