Monday, October 6, 2014

RETURNING: Bob's Burger's: Student Shows

I’m not one for romantic movies. I was bored to tears during The Notebook, and generally skip even silver screen rom-coms unless the premise is truly unique. That said, I have a special place in my heart for A Walk to Remember. I adore the story and found the casting to be excellent. However, the one major nitpick I had with the plot was that the school play was written by one of the students. Similarly, High School Musical also has this peculiar dynamic, and Frasier references a young Frasier penning a musical as well. While I completely believe that there are teenagers out there capable of doing so, I have a really tough time buying that it’s commonplace. I went to an internationally renowned music demonstration school and I don’t know anyone who composed more than a couple of pages. I work in children’s theatre now and don’t know that anyone I’ve taught could bang out original music and lyrics on top of a book! So, to believe that there were multiple ten-year-olds doing so on Bob’s Burgers is a real stretch for me! That said, I totally loved the episode and look forward to a full season of merriment.
Bob's Burgers "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl" (S05E01): The school fall musical is to be an original production, and Gene wants to write a musical about Die Hard. [strange choice of subject matter in 2014, no?] Courtney desperately wants to star, but in her own musical, based on Working Girl. [this is an even more head-tilting choice!] That's the one that's chosen, so Louise wants to steal the attention by doing guerilla/protest theater in the basement of the school on the same night. [yep, sounds like Louise!] She and Gene work on making their production (even if it turns into a one-man show) great while Tina is in Working Girl. When performance night rolls around, Die Hard is standing-room only, as everyone sneaks out of Working Girl, forcing Louise and Gene into a late-night stint in the counselor’s office. Mr. Frond gets the whole story and decides to forbid both groups from finishing their musicals, but the kids talk him into letting them take 25 minutes to combine the stories so the audiences aren’t left hanging. [sometimes I want Louise as my friend.] The result is as random as you can imagine!
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