Tuesday, October 7, 2014

RETURNING: Last Man Standing: Sexism

I’m really not a fan of how Vanessa treats Eve’s interests. She’s not the biggest fan of her youngest daughter being part of JROTC, she doesn’tlike that the teen wants to serve her country, and now she’s against Eve wanting to give football a try. It’s not like Kristin (a high school dropout with a Prom-conceived son) and Mandy (a college drop-out who excels in neither book nor street smarts) are doing wonderfully for themselves, so why not allow Eve to try another path?!? Then again, for someone with a PhD in geology, Vanessa is very caught up in her looks and such, similar to those older daughters!

Last Man Standing "Here's the Kicker" (S04E01): Eve and Mike are at a football game, and Eve is chosen to kick a field goal. She makes it, and wins a Camaro. [how random! Remember when Niles magically won a truck on Frasier for making a free throw?] The Baxters sell the car to put the money toward Eve’s college fund, but that's only the start of things - she is asked to try out as placekicker on the school football team. [that kinda makes sense.] Eve, however, is upset that she can’t have the car, as she plans to attend West Point, where there is no tuition cost. But, Vanessa points out that Eve is already committed to playing soccer, though Eve is able to work out playing both sports. Vanessa continues to think football is a bad idea. [Vanessa not being able to watch Eve play was eye-roll-inducingly annoying.]

Meanwhile, Justin should have been the one to win the car, but Eve took his seat when Justin was at the concession stand, so he’s not happy with her. [speaking of football players, did we know Chuck's son, Brandon, also plays football?] Plus, Eve sprains her knee at practice – and Vanessa freaks out before learning that it was soccer, not football, that caused the minor injury. [I’m surprised that Vanessa didn’t immediately take Eve to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t more serious.]

Last Man Standing "War Games" (S04E02): Boyd gets thrown out of a birthday party because he was playing "Dirty Dozen" with some of the kids. [lmao. No way the average six-year-old knows what Dirty Dozen is!] Boyd later gets to try splatball with some kids from school, causing a major parenting conflict between Kristin and Ryan. It turns out that Mike gave Kristin a gun when she was 16, but after coming clean to Ryan about it, she decides to keep it at her parents' home. [I don’t want to get political, but I wasn’t happy about the turn this story took.]

Also, Vanessa's college roommates come to visit, and Vanessa wears one of Mandy's LBD designs. [woopty-doo?]
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