Thursday, October 2, 2014

SEASON FINALE: Teen Mom 2: Custody Issues Everywhere

I think it's time we left these ladies to live their own lives. However, there are big changes on the horizon, especially regarding custody, so as much as I think they should live in peace, it may be the opposite. They all seem to need the money (well, maybe not Chelsea), and I think the desire of the fans to see what happens may keep this gravy train rolling. I mean, how will Corey handle having the girls 50% of the time? What will Leah do with herself when she only has Addy for half of the month? Will Kailyn and Javi succeed in college? Will Jenelle really clean up her act enough to be able to care for two children full-time? Will Chelsea ever have a steady significant other again? How will Ali's life be different now that she has her own wheelchair? Will Jace do better in this school than his last? Will Isaac continue to adore his baby brother? Apparently I could sit here and write questions all day, but the point is that maybe we shouldn't have access to all of these answers...

Teen Mom 2 "All Grown Up" (S05E25) [Season Finale]:
Leah: Corey lets Aleeah try Ali's temporary wheelchair. [the exact opposite of the lesson Leah is trying to teach Aleeah...] The insurance approves Ali's wheelchair, which they'll get within a month, after a year of waiting. [holy cow, it's been a YEAR?!?] Corey considers taking a job that's 36 hours on the weekends, so he'd be able to spend more time with the girls during the week, continuing his push for more custody
Kailyn: Kailyn gets upset that Jo got Isaac's hair cut in an "ethnic style," and Jo gets really upset that Kailyn might be pushing racist views upon their son. [I didn't understand Isaac's hairstyle being typical of any race... it's not like he was wearing a Jheri curl...] Vee seems tired of having Isaac around all the time, but Isaac returns to Kailyn's custody, so that's not going to be a topic.

Jenelle: She asks Barbara for custody of Jace, and Barbara says that Jenelle needs a yard first. [what an odd requirement!] Plus, Nathan needs to drink less and Jenelle needs to research the school situation. So, Barbara suggests a transitional year, so Jace can attend the charter school Barbara has him in, and everyone can slowly make the adjustment. [anyone betting Jenelle is going to move closer to her mother?]

Chelsea: Her friends plan to go to Minneapolis for speed-dating, so she goes along, but none of them really enjoy the experience. [what they showed was pretty horrific.] Adam went back to jail as part of a plea bargain, but Chelsea and Randy decide to wait it out before pushing for more strict custody rules.
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