Friday, January 21, 2011

Hot in Cleveland is Back!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Bridalplasty (S01E08):
[This one actually aired on Monday this week because of the Golden Globes] Jenessa looks like she's in a lot of pain right now. Cheyenne is homesick. She cries to Dominique. Cheyenne saying (to her fiance on the phone) that she doesn't care anymore about how far she's made it gives Kristen a new perspective of her. Christopher Knight and wife show up. Allyson had the playboy issues of Adrian Curry... odd. The blindfolded fiances show up. Kristen's fiance notes that her boobs are squishier when they hugged, LoL. Jenessa's fiance says it's been a month... so, like I suspected, they're probably doing two episodes per week. Money, chores, sex are important conversations. The challenge is lie-detector tests - ten questions each. The couple with the lowest number of lies wins. The two with the most lies are bottom brides. Dominique doesn't have to participate, but her fiance said they would have won anyway, LoL. Everyone watched on a monitor, so it's not secret. Cheyenne goes first. Cheyenne's first answer is a lie, regarding whether she's had doubts about getting married. Her second question is a lie, too. And her third. And her fourth. Cheyenne doesn't think she'll have to do her own laundry, LoL! They have 5 lies. Allyson is next. Allyson gets 2 lies, and both are her fiance's. Kristen got 4, and they belonged to both of them... but Kristen thinks that they did really well. Jenessa lies right off the bat, and they get 3 total. Allyson is top bride so she'll go to the finale and she gets a surgery. Kristen and Cheyenne are the bottom brides. And they're superclose so it kinda sucks that they have to be against each other on this one. Those are some nice Movado watches! Kristen decides to angle for Dominique's vote, and Cheyenne doesn't want to talk herself up. Allyson wants new teeth... she has missing teeth and missing crowns and stuff. She has a lot of decay and infection, so they're taking out the abscesses and stuff and putting on temporaries. The quality of her teeth is so poor! Wow, the new ones look SO GOOD on her! Jenessa talks to Dominique about getting rid of Kristen. Dominique would hate if Cheyenne actually won, since she thinks she's spoiled. Jenessa gives her standard line about hating not being in complete control. Jenessa asks Cheyenne why she should stay, and she says that they deserve it the same, and that's about it. Allyson gets back and Jenessa is pissed that Allyson has ever gotten top bride, let alone twice. Allyson asks Kristen about what's going on, but she knows nothing. She does say that she's hoping Allyson will break the tie and give it to her. She also points out that it's Cheyenne's very first time in the bottom, so she's more of a threat. Kristen tells Cheyenne about her line to Dominique about the homesick thing, and Cheyenne takes it personally and offensively. Jenessa has to reveal her vote first... she calls Cheyenne selfless, and quickly sits with her. Jenessa says to the camera that she and Dominique agreed to vote for Cheyenne, but that almost doesn't make sense with all of the comments about how she had no control. Dominique says that she loves Kristen and that she shines and has great energy and spirit. She then tells Cheyenne that she's beautiful and that it's incredible that she wants the wedding for Scott. Dominique then gets tongue-tied about her thought process and just goes to sit with Cheyenne, leaving Kristen out in the cold. Cheyenne cries. Kristen hugs everyone and leaves, blaming herself for faltering along her way. At this point I'm between Cheyenne and Dominique... I don't want Allyson or Jenessa to win at all, and although I don't like Cheyenne or Dominique all that much either, I'm kinda even with them.

The Simpsons (S22E11):
the ice cream couch gag wasn't that good. "Persia & Mesopotamia" was funny. drinking for fun vs. drinking because of an addiction was amusing. I like how Comic Book Guy has a cousin named Comic Book Gay haha. a dog named Neil Patrick Hairless was funny. Nice trompe l'oeil jokes. 3 weeks of Spring Break and 4 weeks of Christmas Break just to take a girl to the arcade?? hahaha, Skinner! Willie as principal when Skinner takes off is funny. The 1 day vs. 3 months thing was strange.

Family Guy (S09E09): Stewie dressed like a sailor to be seen at church, LoL. Lois vomiting on Stewie severely grossed me out. BILF?!?!?! Julie Andrews and a gun? what? The housekeeper thing was strange. The high school bullying was horrific. "Random background people" was funny. Pariah and Piranha was funny, too. "the burning bush" was inappropriate. ?

Kate Plus Eight (S02Exx): not sure when episode #2 is.

Cake Boss: Next Great Baker (S01E07): No Baker's Challenge tonight, we jump straight into the Elimination Challenge. Mauro is a guest judge. They're doing a cake inspired by the new Chevy Cruze. Everyone goes out to look at one. They take turns riding in it a little bit. The person who wins the end will get the car! Everyone is working for themselves and they have 8 hours in one day. Cakes, cereal treats, and ingredients were supplied this time. Megan brought a remote control car, haha. Brian wants a very accurate replica. Dana has modeled 4 cars, Brian has done more than 500. Dana goes with a tire base and a layer of red, white, and blue, and a trophy for champions. Corina wants to go with the driving experience. Jay was confused about that decision. Megan goes BIG. Jay spends 3 and a half hours just sculpting the car! Brian's base is getting out of control. Corina realizes that everyone is having problems. Jay had a time management issue with fondant sticking. Nice ad for Glad ForceFlex bags, LoL. Megan has a car, but I don't know if it's a Chevy Cruze! Brian decides to scrap his base with 90 minutes to go. He goes with styrofoam covered in fondant. Jay hated what he did with the color (silver) and calls himself "cake-whipped." Jay cut and covered his car in 28 minutes, not 4 hours, LoL. He went with more elements. Buddy walks around and talks to people about their process, and he doesn't really have anything positive to say about anything. Jay is still on his car with just 1 hour to go... he has nothing else yet. Everyone sucks and Buddy tells them to bake him something... anything. LoL. He also adds 30 minutes and says they'll be judged on the cakes and the desserts. Jay chooses to make "Lord Have Mercy Bars," which is a graham cracker crust with layers of different chocolates and nuts. Corina goes with pumpkin bread. Dana doesn't think his cake sucks... he goes with a Southern Lemon Cake with fresh strawberries and a cream cheese icing. Megan goes with chocolate chip cookies. Brian is struggling with his fondant tearing, and he realizes that he covered the wrong side! :( Brian covered his base like eight times. He went with snickerdoodle cookies. Jay's cake was a mess. At least it had lights, LoL. Brian burnt his cookies, but with only 5 minutes to go, there's no chance to re-do them. Dana's dessert got great remarks. His cake gets good marks from the Chevy person. Brian's dessert wasn't too good. His cake... doesn't contain any cake at all. Jay's dessert is sweet (a little too sweet), but good. His cake had little comment. Megan's dessert was slightly overbaked, which would make it hard in the long run. Megan's car does move, which was good. Corina's dessert was very good. Her cake got smiles from the Chevy woman, wasn't that clean, and had a good concept. Final Elimination time... Dana got first in cake with his concept and a great dessert as well. Brian's cake being cakeless was problematic. He had the best car, but that was it. Jay's cake didn't make sense, it was crappy and small. Buddy has no positives at all. Megan's dessert was all well and good, but the car didn't have enough likeness, but it did move. Corina's cake was too broad of a concept, leading to poor execution. Buddy announces that Megan will go on to the finale. Buddy talks about Jay's great victories in the past and how today was the choke of the century... he gets sent home. Corina gets to go on, which sends Brian home. Buddy thinks that Corina is a baker first and an artist second, and Brian is the other way around.

House, M.D. (S07E09): House scheming Cuddy once again. Taub on a billboard, haha. House defacing the bus stop was typically awful. Awesome move, Cuddy! Either way she was gonna get House to the dinner, hehe. Racism rears its ugly head once again. I hate how Cuddy's daughter and Taub's wife share the same first name! Banging on a person's back and their ears hurt... that's a new one. hahaha, House has been nice to Jewish women in case they were Cuddy's mom and then she turns out to be a shiksa (a gentile woman who is attracted to a Jewish man). The just looks like an awkward dinner, LoL. "I didn't read any studies, I just raised children." The "will you convert to Judaism" question was amusing. "I just don't want Rachel growing up thinking you're a slut," hahahahaha. He sedated her! awesome! And Wilson, too!! haha, Cuddy's mom thought that she was drunk and went to bed, hahaha. I wasn't thrilled with Cuddy's mom's remark about children being horrible and always getting her sick. Does anyone believe that there's something that Wilson would never forgive House for?? Interesting ending with the paint balloons. Even more interesting was House's attempt to spend some time alone at any cost.

How I Met Your Mother (S06E14): Wow, the whole gang went to Minnesota for Marshall's dad's funeral. Wow that's a lot of ways to get injured in the cajones, LoL. WOW Robin's prepared! I was getting goosebumps from the nice things that everyone said about their last words with Marshall's dad, and then the stupid little punk said mean things. The Koreans thing was amusing. How does Marshall keep mis-remembering his dad's last words to him? That's a quick-charging phone! who calls it "juice" LoL? Why did Lily take the blame for Robin? cheese, mayonnaise, and jellybeans??? "nothing beats the immediacy of live theatre." Marshall's dad's last words after the pocket dial made me cry. "that dress makes you look like a Kansas City whore." Robin pulling out Crocodile Dundee III was great. Why is Marshall's parents' house so formal-looking? I liked Barney calling his mom at the end and telling her that he was ready to meet his dad.

Teen Mom 2 (S01E02):
Jenelle: she's been away from her baby for a week. Her mom was kinda a b!tch about telling Jenelle she's not going to have money for a lawyer. "The only drug I use is marijuana... and I don't use it that much." $200/hour, 15-100 hours, plus $5,000 retainer. She then calls her mom and says she wants to go home. She was hoping that her mom would drop the custody battle too, but it doesn't look that way.
Kailyn: horrible cursing in front of the baby. She goes out on a date. One of her friends suggests she go public by saying on facebook that she's "in a relationship." Jo's parents find out fast and give her the third degree about it. Jo's mom accuses her of not caring about her kid, and the dad suggests that she just can't be alone. The dad says she's starting new problems. Jo says that it's disrespectful for her to bring the baby around other guys, and she better not do that. She does not admit that she already has.
Chelsea: ewww... who drinks out of a 2-liter bottle??!? She misses Adam. Her dad reminds her that if she doesn't take school seriously, she'll lose his support. Adam comes to see Aubree.
Leah: she decides to take Ali to the doctor because her legs aren't the same at Aleeah. She wanted to start nursing classes (her mom's a nurse, too), but with Ali's heath issues, she put it off. Corey's parents go with her to take the girls to the doctor. Her arms are disproportionate and there's a nerve problem... she needs an MRI. She has no bone issues, but perhaps a spinal issue. I didn't like Leah's nails. Leah is crying a lot and Corey and she agree that they need to stop arguing... there's too much going on. Corey reminds her that she has to be strong.

Minute to Win It (S02E20): Random Pairing. Michelle and Derald. Overall, I thought it was a little early in the show's lifetime to show "favorite moments." The joke about trips was good.
Game 1: Sticky Balls: roll marbles across a flat surface to get them to stick on a strip of tape. Michelle goes for it (her sister in the audience tells her to, LoL). Her first five or so miss, then she gets one, then a bunch more miss, then 2, 3, 4, and 5 all come in a row.
Game 2: Spin Doctor: Team Game. One spins a dollar coin, it has to spin across a line, then the other person has to stop it upright. Derald gives a quick direction or two, then Michelle starts spinning. Derald knocks down the first few, but gets it with 23 spare seconds.
Game 3: Tweeze Me: There's an upright tennis racket and there's a tennis ball balanced on top. Get a mint (like a tic-tac) through a marked hole in the racket so it lands on a cup on the other side, but don't knock off the tennis ball. You have 5 attempts and you only have to do it once.haha, Derald wanted to show how shaky they were, but she thought he wanted her to go, but he covers. Michelle gets one through but it misses the cup, so does the second. The third stays in, 18 seconds to go.
Game 4: Office Dominoes: Team Game, as they're both doing it, but in separate instances. Balance 10 reams of paper so that when you knock them over, they ring a bell. Both look pretty good in setup, but I trust Michelle's a little more. Both get it, 6 seconds to go.
Game 5: Triple Pong Plop: Team Game here since they're both trying to get to the 4 total. Bounce ping-pong balls across 3 11" dinner plates and into a fishbowl of water. Get four in. Derald gets close, then they both get it, next thing you know, it's over and there's still 44 seconds remaining!
Game 6: Pop Top: Flick bottlecaps off the ends of a round table into a glass that's in the middle. There are 48 around the table. Derald says he grew up playing this "as a guy" so he goes for it. He gets it on the first try, so 57 seconds to go, haha!! This is the "FASTEST WIN EVER" and everyone is ecstatic.
Game 7: Breakfast Scramble: Team Game. 16 squares are on a table... they make a puzzle. You don't even know what it looks like ahead of time, but you know it's a cereal. They talk strategy. It's the Frosted Flakes box and they're going strong at halfway. I got frustrated when they had a piece from the bottom row rotated 180 degrees for the longest time! They get it with one second to go.
Game 8: Oh-Nuts: 8 nut-and-bolt pairings on a ruler, you have to stack a tower. Don't let it fall. Derald goes for it. Michelle tells him to have a steady hand. He's kinda slow... he was out of time and tried to rush and fell. He tried to get her to do it the next time, and she flat-out refused, claiming that he knows what he's doing now. He goes again and has a much better start. A little sloppier but not too bad. It falls at 32 seconds. She looks upset. They have one life left, but he can't play because of the 3-plays rule. So Michelle has to go. She goes WAY too slowly and ends up knocking it over with 3 or 4 more to stack and only a second anyway.

Better With You (S01E13): [Episode 12 got overrode last week because of President Obama's speech. Not sure how they'll work on when this will air...]
Episode 13: MISSED THE FIRST NINE MINUTES OR SO. I like how the parents are trying to win godparent status by taking the cat, while Maddie and Ben take an infant CPR class. Maddie asking questions and getting kicked out was funny. I'm actually surprised that Joel has an interest in being a guardian. I like how careless they're being with the cat, tho. Mia getting kicked out because she's Maddie's sister was funny. Mr. Meowgi was a cute name for a cat. I love that the parents can't even remember what color the cat was. I adored the "telling of grievances" between Maddie and her parents... very Friends. 4 guardians??!?!? hahaha, stealing a cat! haha, they're not the actual guardians, and Mia and Casey aren't worried about it because by the time the others find out, they'll be dead. "we saved nine" was funny.

Hot in Cleveland (S02E01): I loved Elka with the harmonica in jail. Mary Tyler Moore was her cellmate, haha! Elka insulting the judge was funny. "talking more" punishes a man, haha. "people are plucking their own brows? Are we living in a third world country now?" LoL! "you're not even that famous," LoL. "in Cleveland they're called 'garage sales,'" haha. Joy needs a greencard so Rick automatically proposes. Rick's "balls" comment was odd. "call us 'miss' to the day we die." hahaha, Joy gets locked up for announcing that she sold drugs to the mailman in front of cops. So she totally may get deported now. Apparently she got arrested for shoplifting earlier in life. Victoria wanting to choose her Botox over getting Joy out of jail was strange. Rick is also the name of Victoria's agent?? Why do we recycle names like this?? Rick (the Wayne Knight one) sells some balls to donate the money to the girls. Turns out, Elka gave him his first ball so he felt like he owed her. There's also the possibility that Rick meant sex... Joy tries to accept Rick's proposal, but Rick makes her get down on one knee and ask him this time. The tornado was still just the night before?? A final thought: I feel like this episode ran fast.. like extra commercials or something.

Retired at 35 (S01E01):
I wasn't really planning on watching this show. But, for some reason, a day or two before the premiere, I just up and decided to add it to my DVR. I think I had seen a commercial that pushed me off the fence, LoL. "they still think that cell phones have harmful rays," LoL. "it's like college in slow motion," haha. "all food-related wood," haha. "I should have thumb-wrestled him, my thumbs are huge from texting." I like all of the "wrong words" for technology, like "tittering" and "facialbook." The dad not caring that the mom went to Portugal was odd. Sleeping with an old woman was weird. The woman's daughter being the waitress at the bar was problematic. I gotta say, I'm not thrilled with this show, and the scenes-from-the-next were only worse. I'll try it again, but I don't see it lasting.

Wipeout (S04E03):
The qualifier course looks a little more difficult than last week, but otherwise it's pretty much the same. The "blind librarian" had a funny course. CreepyRobert (who does a Golem voice) had a nice wipeout on that first obstacle. "safety third" was weird. Man, Ballsy has great aim with those snowballs!! Art History girl had a great wipeout, too! It also looks like they're cleaning off the big balls more often, since they don't have as much mud on them with each new person going at them. Oatmeal Girl got beat-up on the log jammer! Next is the ski lift, the one where everyone stands on rotating platforms and hangs onto an overhead handlebar to pull themselves up as necessary to avoid sweeper arms. The hats over the helmets didn't look as cool or fitted this week. Oatmeal Girl was getting flown around! Some Dancer Boy gets the $1,000. Third Round is the W-I-P-E-O-U-T level, with different obstacles on each letter. Riding the sweeper arm all the way around was funny. CreepyRobert snuck past DangerDan to get into the finale. The Wipeout Zone features the stairs, the icicle sweeper thing, and the sinister snowflakes. You start with the bobsled launcher. CreepyRobert goes first. It's snowing kinda hard to start off. He falls off the second set of stairs. Then he falls off the middle stairs. There's also pink goo out tonight. He falls off the icicle sweepers, then falls again when he tries to get off this obstacle. He slips off the first sinister snowflake. He makes it on the second try, finishing at 10:28. He must be a pretty fast swimmer, really. RocketScientist is next. He falls on one of the last stairs... it looked like he was just going too fast. On his second attempt he falls backward on one of the last sets of stairs. He falls off the icicle sweepers pretty quickly. He almost made it across the sinister snowflakes but falls getting to the platform. He then falls face-first on his second try, again on the second snowflake. He then makes it, finishing at 9:38. Jacob the Dancer is last. He falls off the top/middle stair, which is a two-story drop. He struggled HARD to stay on the final stair on his second attempt, but he makes it. He had too much speed coming off the sweeper, but luckily he got both feet on the platform before he went careening into the water. He makes the snowflakes in his first attempt, finishing with a miraculous time of just 3:46!!!! You know, I thought about it... it would be cool if they picked 3 or 5 wipeouts from each episode and we could vote on our favorites the day after each episode airs or something.

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Off season/Coming Up:

Kitchen Boss (Season 1 premieres January 24th and runs in the afternoons)
19 Kids and Counting (Season 6 starts January 24th - we're moving to Mondays! as if those aren't already my busiest day!)
Cake Boss (Season 4 back January 31st)
Mr. Sunshine (premieres Wednesday, February 9th at 9:30pm on ABC)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (season 3 continues March 28th at 8pm)
South Park (season 15 starts April 27th)
Melissa & Joey (some point in the Spring)
Futurama (Season 6 continues with episode 14 in the Spring)
Teen Mom (no idea)
16 and Pregnant (no idea)
Terra Nova (previewing in May; premiering in September)
Table for 12 (I found out this week that this show was canceled last October. too bad. I guess it was just "too real," LoL. I'm missing 5 episodes from the series, which I may never see. missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school." I'll remove this from Friday posts starting next week. Should I ever finish this series, I'll do a "favorites" from each of its two seasons.)
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