Friday, February 4, 2011

Cake Boss is Back; Bridalplasty is Over!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

special note: After this week, I am no longer doing any commentary on Kitchen Boss. It's a good show, but it's not really something to talk about, aside from naming recipes, learning some Italian words, talking about tips, and who the guest of the day is. With that said, I'm not deleting the schedule from my DVR, since I still want to make some of his recipes, LoL!


Bridalplasty (S01E10): [season finale] haha on Allyson's "nothing personal," LoL. I forgot that Allyson was still in recovery. She still wants a breast life, backside liposuction (love handle area), and permanent veneers. I'm kinda surprised that's it, really. Jenessa wants liposuction of the outer thighs, scar removal, and re-do teeth bonding... also a boring list. The two of them will up in front of "The Bridal Panel," and they'll decide who will win. They will each give a speech, containing all of the reasons that they deserve to win. Allyson freaks out because she knows that Jenessa is excellent at public speaking, and it's apparently Allyson's worst nightmare... then CLEARLY she should have realized that she wouldn't be superior to Jenessa in every respect. They have at least part of the day, if not the entire day, to work on their speeches. Jenessa thinks she hit a home run. "The Bridal Panel" consists of Bridalplasty experts... Dominique, Cheyenne, Kristen, Lisa Marie, Netty, Alexandra, and Melissa. I wonder why the others aren't there... Jessica and Ashley and Jamie... I guess because they were the first three to go home? Jenessa starts crying... she knows that she made most of those girls go home. Allyson gives her speech first, and she talks about her low self-esteem before the show. And her overall thought process was pretty quick. Jenessa tells the camera that she has to change her speech now that she knows the "experts" aren't true experts but rather "people I've already beaten off the show." She talks about how thankful she is to those who helped her get to the end (and she calls out how Cheyenne hates her). Jenessa says that Allyson needs to work on taking care of herself. She makes no real point in why she should win the game. Now, the Panel gets to ask questions. Cheyenne flat-out asks Jenessa why she did her wrong. Jenessa claims that it was something that made her feel really bad and that she would have most likely stayed in touch with Cheyenne after it all more than anyone (so... what about Dominique?? and the res of her alliance??). Netty asks Allyson how winning would change her life... Allyson talks about how she'd have money and she'd have a wedding. She mentions that "if we had two grand, our electric would be on right now," and this makes Jenessa interrupt by talking about how Allyson plays the victim card too much. She also mentions that Allyson didn't take her liposuction seriously since she still eats hot/lean pockets. Allyson brings up Jenessa's diuretics. Allyson says that she's lost 11 pounds, Jenessa says that she's lost 10. Dominique asks Allyson if she thinks that she made the "right decision last night" and Allyson says "no, not at all" and Dominique asks why. Jenessa interrupts Allyson's response, and Allyson says it's not even worth her time to explain. Now each person on the panel announces who they think should win. Cheyenne is first, she says that Allyson is a good person and that Jenessa says that Jenessa will walk out with no dignity, no respect, and no class. She votes Allyson. Melissa is next, tells everyone that Jenessa is a "f*cking genius," and sits with Jenessa. Kristen goes next, talks about how she is jealous of Allyson and surprised that Allyson made it to the "top two." Then she tells Jenessa that she couldn't play the game like Jenessa did... she couldn't be bitter, mean, and rude like Jenessa. Jenessa interrupts AGAIN, and as Kristen cuts her off to say, "go home, b!tch," Jenessa says "like you already did?" and Kristen sits with Allyson. Then, Netty goes... she mentions that she didn't know people as sneaky, manipulative, and b!tchy as Jenessa really existed until she met her. She also says that she doesn't know anyone can be friends with, or form any type of relationship with, someone like Jenessa. She sits with Allyson. Dominique goes next... Jenessa thinks she's gonna get her vote. Dominique says that Allyson hurt her the night before, and wishes that Allyson could have seen, just a little bit, why Dominique might deserve to be in the Top Two. She knows it would be easy to sit with Allyson. She then talks about how Jenessa was always there for her, and she sits with Jenessa. Alexandra goes next, and I was shocked at her shoes! Allyson's speech made Alex cry on the inside. Alex appreciates Jenessa's plays in the competition, but says that she was too fake and grimy to her, hurting people and turning people against her, and says "karma is a b!tch and so are you, I'm glad you ain't winning this f*cking wedding" as she goes to sit with Allyson. This makes Allyson win, and we don't hear from Lisa Marie. Allyson gets congratulated by most everyone, and Jenessa looks bitter. And we're only at the half-way mark! Allyson spends three more months in LA to get ready for her wedding. She meets with the planner to talk about non-traditional, rockstar, and bling for the wedding. She has a personal trainer. 2 months before the big day she gets the rest of her procedures. She lost 35 pounds total. Liposuction went fast, breast lift and teeth get done at the same time (kinda creepy!). She feels that everything has been "totally worth it." It's been about 4 months since her fiance saw her. He's lost 33 pounds. Cheynne and Jenessa are friends now??!?!? I liked Dominique's hair at the wedding. Allyson's mom gives her an heirloom ruby and diamond ring from the 40s. Allyson seemed really nervous going down the aisle. She walks down the aisle veiled, and lifts it before the start of the ceremony. She repeats really quickly when they do the vows and such. They do a really raunchy kiss, haha. Allyson says some weird things during the recession. Their first slow dance was at their wedding?? Gross cake-eating, too. During the interview, her husband didn't seem all that excited. okay... this is what we know for her overall wedding...
$1,500 on bouquets.
$3,500 on a cake.
$3,000 on rings.
$2,159 on the dress.
price not given on the venue.
$18,500 for surgeries (she ended up not getting a few that were on her original list, which I found interesting).

I don't know if I'd want another season of this show or not. What do you think?

The Simpsons (S22Exx):
episode 13 is coming.

Family Guy (S09Exx): episode 10 is coming.

Cake Boss (S04E01): Buddy and Lisa are 9-10 weeks pregnant. They looked really happy and excited with the ultrasound and heartbeat. hehe, I liked how Buddy is having the group make a baby cake and didn't tell them it was for him, hehe. Ringling Bros?? really?? That's SO cool! high wire looked neat, too. Layers of vanilla and red velvet - very circus! Lots of modeling chocolate animals! cool - making a cake for Rachael Ray's fifth anniversary! I liked how excited Grace was about it all... like thoroughly impressed. And, everyone takes a look at the new property. Buddy tells the girls that they're still working at the original location, and they're kinda iffy. Everyone is trying to figure out who the secret client is. Buddy tells him so he'll shut up, haha. Buddy teaches Anthony how to do rum cake - Jamaican rum is baked into the cake. Italian rum gets painted onto the Italian sponge cake. Ralf is the best sculptor now! 50/50 modeling chocolate and fondant makes the dough. who is this Juan decorator guy? They're trying to figure out how to do rings of fire... marshmallows weren't working. Ralf tells them to cut up a t-shirt, wind it around a wire, then dip it in grain alcohol. It works, but they can't get it out! Ralf talking to the stork was hilarious. The elephants on the circus cake looked really lifelike! Grace and Mary fighting about the schedule went on and on. haha, and Grace wants to go on the delivery to Rachael Ray. It was clear that Rachael Ray was just barely putting up with Grace, haha. Lisa came up where the stork cake was, but didn't notice anything. Buddy and Mauro exchange glances, and I think Ralf figured it out. I thought the stork cake turned out really cool! Buddy and Lisa told the group about the pregnancy, and Buddy confessed that Mauro knew, which causes everyone to talk, LoL.

House, M.D. (S07Exx): episode 11 to come.

How I Met Your Mother (S06Exx): episode 15 coming up.

19 Kids and Counting (S06E02 & S06E03): John-David is running for city council. It's nice that Michelle spent the day with just six of the kids, and that other kids are now allowed to hold Josie. haha, Jackson trying to handle things on his own. Josh and Anna vote for all of the same people? hahaha, my husband and I sure don't! Anna talks about supplementing because she can't breastfeed now that she's pregnant again (still in the first trimester). Josh and Anna don't live in John-David's district. Josh and Anna picked up 11 meals from McDonald's for those who were out campaigning all day, LoL. I would've liked to hear about how John-David campaigned elsewhere and how he raised funds for signs and stuff. Also, the difference between city councilman and alderman would have been interesting. John-David ended up losing by 59 votes. I'm not sure why JimBob mentioned that he thinks many of the Duggars will run for office in the future. Joseph is quiet like John-David, and at 16, he's getting braces. Jana, Jill, and Jessa had braces, but Joseph is the first boy. Wow, cool palette of color choices! He went with orange (which is apparently his favorite color - and Jinger's too) and blue. He only has them on the top for now. I had never seen what it looks like to have braces put into place, so that was interesting to me... but probably not to most people, who have probably seen braces put on before, haha. Josh and Anna have a second lot, now. I wonder how they manage both. All of the Duggars are night owls... I guess we could've guessed that, since none of them are early birds!

I wasn't sure who Charles Stanley was. But Michelle has been listening to him for like 30 years, so that's cool for her. They use 1,000 tater tots every time they make it for the family! The Duggars have pastors sign their Bibles? how strange. Justin is very sweet. He likes to help out Jordyn, and that's really cute. Jill and Jana have been volunteering with the fire department for 5 months now, and they have gear and pagers and everything. I love watching Jackson correct Johannah, LoL! "I think it's only about 700 degrees," ...WOW! heh... they have an exercise machine. "The Voice of the Martyrs" in Oklahoma... the caption said 7 Duggar kids went... but we saw Jessa, Jinger, Joy, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Jason, Jana, Jill, Joseph, and Josiah. So, how are we counting?? They worked on a Columbia parachute project. They can give out Christian materials and radios from planes this way. haha, I like how competitive the kids got! The Duggars made 10 parachutes and did several other projects as well.

Kitchen Boss (S01E05): Pasta e lenticchie - pasta with lentils, broccoli rabe with sausage, and bananas foster. Mauro is the guest today, and these are his favorite dishes. Use thick bacon with lots of fat for more flavor, LoL. Broccoli rabe is also known as cima di rapa and rapini. AND, it's more like a turnip than broccoli, LoL. Blanche it to take away some of the bitterness. Buddy used dry brown lentils - high in protein. He also used frozen parmesan rinds... interesting. In Italy, lentils are good luck on New Year's Eve. ditalini means "small thimbles" in Italian, and they're little mini-tubes. Mauro grew up in Italy until he was 13. He's Madeleine's husband, for those who might not watch Cake Boss. He has two kids - a son and daughter. "Aspetta" means "wait" in Italian. "Salsiccia" means "sausage" in Italian... I did figure that one out before they put it on the screen, LoL. Bananas Foster originated in New Orleans in 1951. Buddy cuts the bananas on a diagonal. Throw them in a pan with 2 tbsp melted butter, add a little cinnamon and some brown sugar... shake it up. Then add 2 tbsp banana liqueur (like 99 bananas), a splash of dark rum, and it'll flambe up. Once the alcohol burns off and it's looking like caramel, add a little heavy cream, then serve with ice cream! I was intrigued that Mauro added olive oil at the end of the pasta dish.

again, all of the recipes are here.

Teen Mom 2 (S01E04): It's late July I believe.
Jenelle: Figures. Jenelle WOULD stay out all night and lose her privilege of watching Jace on Saturdays. I'm tired of Jenelle and her mom yelling at each other, tho. So... Kieffer doesn't have a driver's license... wonder what he did that's keeping him from getting that... She wants to do film editing... interesting. Her tuition is $664.50. Kieffer cooks? um, ok.
Kailyn: $176 or $56 is a lot of money to spend on a semester of school supplies! Why didn't she go online to learn about her tuition and stuff? She owes $1526 on tuition, and the smallest payment option is 5 monthly payments of $305.20. She doesn't want to take less credits. Her mom can't give her any money (she needs $600 within two weeks). She asks Jo, and after a little bit of talking, he agrees to lend it to her.
Chelsea: Seeing the dad (Adam) back in the picture was cute. Her dad is right tho, it's not good. And while I agree that Leah and Corey are good to live together, I don't think the same about Chelsea and Adam. Her friend, Megan, has such WHITE teeth!!
Leah: Leah looks good for having carried twins! I'm happy that they're back together again, but I agree it's really fast to live together again. .

Kitchen Boss (S01E06): Pasta Party day. Baked Ziti with Creamy Mortadella Sauce, Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce, and Rigatoni alla Vodka Buddy-Style. His sister, Lisa, is today's guest.
again, all of the recipes are here. He loved the mortadella dish as a kid... and he had mortadella sandwiches instead of bologna, LoL. Nice gnocchi tips! It amuses me that a family as Italian as Buddy's would go out to an Italian restaurant, LoL. He talked about the pasta alla vodka he had at a restaurant when he was 13...

Minute to Win It (S02E22 & S02E23): so, most unfortunately, I was having a bad internet connection when I was watching this and didn't realize it, so it wasn't saving every few minutes. And then I got the BlueScreenofDeath. And I can't re-watch these since I immediately deleted them, so this is what I've got from memory (because, in all honesty, it was reallllly boring and I don't want to find the episode online, LoL)... this time there was a family playing - 5 kids from San Jose. Aimee (19), Drew (18), Holly (13), Cullen (11), and Brad (10). They played through both episodes! On Game 8, Drew became the first person to successfully balance a chain of 7 hangers. On Game 9, he became the first person to complete the one where you have to keep the marbles on the slanted table using only the back of a spoon. They lost a life early on (in that game where you shoot rubber bands at the soda can pyramid), but got both an extra life and a 10-second bonus at some point with the blueprint bonuses. On the 10th game, where they try to bounce a quarter 15 feet into the 1.75" mouth of a 5-gallon jug, they let all the boys try. Brad goes first (and is actually the first person to ever go for level 10), then Cullen, then Drew, who uses the extra 10 seconds. They went home with $500,000.

Better With You (S01Exx): I'm still not sure if "Better without a Couch" will keep its status of #12 or if it'll be later, since chronologically it'll air this month. This is partially based on whether "Better with a Cat" is technically #12 or #13. So.... episode #12 or #13 or #14 is coming up... If you know what the true story is gonna be on this one, let me know! :)

Hot in Cleveland (S02E03): haha, have your nails done before you get them done by a professional... "like cleaning up before the housekeeper comes," LoL. When Victoria started the analogy, I thought she was going to say something more like "like brushing your teeth before you go to the dentist." "If he's a Mormon, he can have all of us," haha. "I hope you're my lawyer, because I'm defenseless" was great. Melanie's deep voice was kinda gross, not "sensual." All of the girl trying to act natural was funny. I loved Victoria's necklace AND bracelet!! Not that I think I could pull off either, LoL! Joy & Victoria's banter was funny. Melanie's additions over the phone really made me laugh. haha, ad for Nice 'n' Easy, LoL. I thought that the bathrobe was over the top. The woman who played Daphne's mom on Frasier is playing Elka's ex's fiance... funny! Even the judge likes the lawyer!! haha, awesome! I loves the top that Victoria wore in the courtroom, too... that one I might be able to pull off, LoL. Victoria jumping up and saying that Joy's committing perjury by saying that people confuse her with Kate Beckinsale was hilarious. hehe, "test-i-lying." The mini 3-Musketeers ads were weird. March 23rd trial... hahaha, "all crazy in a bathrobe, looking like Joy." "yeah, but if I get an all-female jury, I've got it made" hahaha. The three girls pointing out each other's pluses was cute.

Retired at 35 (S01E03):
The mom dating was awkward, the guy she chose was awkward, bring her son to meet him after two dates was awkward... "Wither way, I'm going to be disappointing one of my parents." "only one? that's a winner in my book." LoL! A Santa suit? What? haha on the nitrous oxide after all, LoL. And... yeah. I'm done with this show.

Kitchen Boss (S01E07): Caponata (appetizer), Mama's Ravioli, and Roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon. Eh... I'm not super-excited about any of these. Learning how ravioli is made was cool. "enhancify," LoL. Caponata has eggplant, celery, onions, capers, pine nuts, tomatoes... doesn't sound that great to me, LoL. No guest today.

Wipeout (S04E05): "witch's knitting needle,", ok amendment. Gingerbread House (like Nana's House, LoL), then balls, then snowman sweeper, then yule log jammer. CableGuy was funny on Gingerbread House, LoL. The tromboning of Jill's voice to interview Charlie Brown was hilarious. someone lied and said that they were a horse trainer to get on the show? um, why?? Then the ski lift, love watching this one every time! I love that they found a striped hat to put on Charlie Brown! Spinning dummy, then slapshot, then crankshaft, then knee sweeper, and a spin-jump thing to finish. This is something different for the Winter Wipeout episodes. haha on everyone missing the slapshot! The moving floor on the crankshaft makes it harder! The WipeoutZone stayed the same it has been for the Winter episodes... bobsled, stairs, frostbite, snowflakes. Postman is first... 15:53. CableGuy got wedged into the second snowflake for a couple of revolutions, but ultimately fell off. He missed the jump from 1 to 2 on his second try. Then, he finished with 15:28. SurprisinglySingle fell off the stairs from almost the highest point... twice. And he quits after that, since he hit his face in the water, LoL. Poor guy.

Kitchen Boss (S01E08): Glazed chicken wings, fried calamari with mayonnaise sauce, Joey's special nachos. We're doing a sports day, and the guests are his brother-in-law Joey and cousin Anthony. Rosemary in the wing sauce? what? Buddy likes to marinate the wings for a day or two! Buddy saying that calamari is available everywhere was weird. But I did find it interesting that cooking calamari is either really fast or really slow, otherwise it's rubbery. Two kinds of flour PLUS cornstarch is interesting. Anthony is a cousin of Lisa, Buddy's wife... hahaha, now I get it.
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Off season/Coming Up:

Mr. Sunshine (premieres Wednesday, February 9th at 9:30pm on ABC)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (season 3 continues March 28th at 8pm)
South Park (season 15 starts April 27th)
Melissa & Joey (some point in the Spring)
Futurama (Season 6 continues with episode 14 in the Spring)
Kate Plus Eight (not sure when season 2 episode 2 is)
Teen Mom (no idea)
16 and Pregnant (no idea)
Terra Nova (previewing in May; premiering in September)
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