Friday, February 18, 2011

Some Great Wipeouts; New Roommates on House!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Commentaries this week include: The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Unpoppables, Cake Boss, House, How I Met Your Mother, 19 Kids and Counting, Teen Mom 2, Mr. Sunshine, Minute to Win It, Better with You, Hot in Cleveland, and Wipeout. If you are interested in any of these, click "keep reading" ... if not, you won't have to scroll forever to get to the next post. :)

The Simpsons (S22E13):"I will not make fun of Cupid's dink" wasn't the most clever chalkboard line. However, knowing Bart, I can see why he had to write that, LoL. The couch gag made me laugh, tho. The heart-shaped lights on the cop car were amusing. Cat Lady and Dog Man were scary. Lenny and Carl, have a tradition of going out with one another's sisters for Valentine's Day because it's "like seeing your best friend's face on a woman's body" ... creepy. Homer continually opening the door to check on Moe was awkward. The "127 Hours" joke was unexpected. Marge has a single grey hair... and she has a ten-year-old like Bart... impressive. At this rate, my hair will be completely grey before I even have a child, LoL. "one month I ate nothing but aquarium fish" totally raised my eyebrows! Skinner and the Superintendent being one another's wingman was interesting. HA! Marge has grey hair after all! Makes me feel much better, LoL. The hot air balloon did nothing for me. Everyone's mouth being open and then forcefully shut about Marge's hair was interesting. The head/hair border crisis that the kids had really was pretty funny. "like West Virginia does for Virginia" ... true story. Cool!! I always thought that a macaroni Marconi would be cool! COUSIN Jessica shocked me! Nice AARP rant. 2/3 of conjoined triplets??!? Ewww... smoke and ash in Patty & Selma's hair?? Presumed heart condition because of grey hair?? LOVED the Wicked Witch references!! The fire on the broom went too far, tho. It was snowy outside this whole time?? Cupids Maggie and Unibrow baby were really cute together at the end. 

Family Guy (S09E10): haha, Peter likes the dumb trivia questions at the beginning of movies, LoL. Peter jumping through the screen TWICE was silly. The water slide scene was disturbing. The scene about the fight over the birth of Jesus was disturbing... are we really completely ignoring every religion before circa 33 CE ??? Bring beers to an AA meeting?? What?? I'm also going to disagree with Peter's stance over how alcohol is the greatest temptation God created, but I'll keep quiet. I didn't like the song, but "Mr. Booze" was slightly catchy. This episode got really old to me by the time Peter was a ghost. Moderation... I was surprised that Peter learned anything at all.  )

The Unpoppables (S01E03 & S01E04):
French fashion show... interesting premise. haha, the Eiffel Tower does sound like a pain. 3,000 balloons, one pipe, one pipe bender, one dress form, 2 dress zippers, and 1 assistant. Dresses tend to be made from 160s, which are the smallest of the twisties. They get big palettes of balloons 2-3 times a year, and Katie starts going through all of them to find what she needs. Using the balloon stick to customize the purple color with the orange inside was really cool. Brian experiences some carpal tunnel issues. It's cool how they talk about technique. I had no idea that they would need so much of the lighting stuff when they first mentioned that they were going to use them. Acupuncture... cool. I really thought that the wine bottle being suspended like that was supercool!! It was nice of Brian to help out with the dresses at the end like that. The Vegas Show Girl one was pretty neat. Katie holding a dog was so LA.

A balloon wedding... so contemporary! I was concerned tho, that it wasn't clear what items were to be made from balloons... the dress and bouquets really should have been discussed WAY at the beginning, LoL. 1500 balloons, 16 baseplates, 2 inflators, 4 column supports, 2 assistant balloon twisters. Geo-balloons were cool. No pink, red, or hearts... interesting. Pearl White 160s for the dress... Addi gets on the phone and calls around looking for them, LoL. He gave up, Katie made some calls and finds them, LoL. Brian really brings some good ideas to the table about structure. That foamy goo stuff was interesting... I've seen it before but this was different. Someone stealing the baseplates was just weird! I thought the columns were looking good! The cake being all white was kinda strange and boring. At first I was surprised that the truck wasn't full, but then I remembered that the walls had been partially built at the site. So... the bride didn't have a back-up plan for a dress at all? She was initially nervous about a balloon dress, yet she didn't bring something else "just in case" ?? Hell, I had a second (much less formal and only like $50) dress, LoL! The bridesmaids all had matching dresses... The balloon bouquet looked a little cheesy, though. The decorations on the balloon were cool. Oh, haha... a baby carrier... maybe that's why it seemed a little rushed.

Cake Boss (S04E04): The guys trying to convince Buddy to create a cake that can flush was amusing. She's going to NAME her baby DENIM?? oh geez. 20 specialty cakes and 30 wedding cakes a week?!? dang! Buddy getting angry about the crooked cake was borderline scary. I was surprised that not more people were wearing jeans, LoL. I also couldn't believe that they cut the jeans off of him! And that they used them... certainly wasn't sanitary! Those chocolate-covered rice krispie treats that Ralf made did look really lifelike. It was cool how glossy they got the toilet cake to look.

House, M.D. (S07E12): Great opening moment with the waitress remembering the woman and exposing a lie, haha. House making the others tutor Taub was amusing. "Remembering something is not the same as understanding it" was very interesting. And very true. "What the Freud is that about?" haha. House calling Masters a slut since she'd sleep with a man who had a cat was amusing. I hate it when Masters tells on herself. Foreman threatening to kill Taub if he fails was funny. Foreman having an xbox was strange to me. Poor Taub... he's right... you'll never get a "perfect" again. I love that Foreman resorted to letting Taub buy a copy of the test in the end. "Champagne for everyone" ... and then immediately leave... haha. Foreman and Taub as roommates... never saw that happening!! 

How I Met Your Mother (S06E16): "There are couples in my kindergarten class who are moving faster than you... then again their home lives aren't great." Predator as a tradition... yikes. haha on Ted's "this won't be." "And I thought Pompeii was smokin'" haha. "Marshpillow" is cute. Marshall's mom being tired of Marshall was unexpected (but, my husband sitting next to me says it totally was expected). Is Zoey's hair even lighter in shade now? Marshall's mom playing both sides was somewhat amusing. Ted going off to Minnesota was funny. How come the one girl is wearing yellow instead of purple? And now we know. AND, her comment that "the difference between us is that I'm not saying any of this to get into your pants," was hilarious. I love that Barney has magic tricks on hand at any moment. I love that Robin tricked Barney into being on a date on Valentine's Day! 

19 Kids and Counting (S06E06): JimBob stayed with Jordyn and Josie while Michelle went with the kids for Joy's birthday... cool. It was interesting that Joy goes back and forth between playing with the boys, taking care of and leading the boys, and following around the older girls. Michelle gave a radio interview on the phone on the way to the train??!? Josiah is so funny, LoL.
I didn't like the description of the show - acting like the "train robbers" weren't planned. Seeing that Jordyn is really observant was interesting. 

Teen Mom 2 (S01E06): no definitive dates this time. 
Jenelle: Needs her mom's financial info or she isn't going to qualify for financial aid. Jenelle just turned everything in to somebody... she is somehow immune to having to fill out her own FAFSA online?? She missed watching her son walk for about a week... that's sad. Jenelle can't read on the box what the appropriate age for that toy is?? Jenelle wears silly bands??!? Geez. 
Kailyn: Doesn't want to be with Jo. Her mom is so super unhelpful. Jo being so nonchalant about Kailyn's plans made me sad. 
Chelsea: Adam doesn't want to pay rent AND child support. Adam texting Megan was SO not cool. Megan and Chelsea just talking over one another was horrible. I was surprised that Chelsea didn't do anything more for her friend, and I have no sympathy for that girl. She's like the Farrah of this show... just plain annoying. How many cats do they have?? 
Leah: Developmental Therapist works with Ali. Talking about more kids was intriguing and unexpected... marriage being on the table surprised me. 

Mr. Sunshine (S01E02): His birthday was last week, and now he's celebrating 10 years of working there? Alonzo points out that Heather is finishing her internship, and Ben really wanted someone to point out his own achievement. I like Roman. "win" the Statue of Liberty??!?!?! The wink was funny. Eli is a Rock Star, not a Pop Star... okay. "I wasn't parented properly, and I'm very rich" hahaha. This kid is demanding the first season of Brothers and Sisters within 30 minutes?? I like Roman taking notes on Heather's suggestions. I can't believe that everyone at this place sucks at their jobs! Crystal thinks the blind can automatically play the piano brilliantly?? 9 years in the NBA?? I don't like this "recuse" word. This kid is just spoiled! Who gives out their number AND accepts a ride from a middle-aged man you don't know?? TAKING FRISBEES FROM THE BLIND??!?!? "I'm not positive I know what the internet is" ummm. WHOAAAAAA. How were those churros staying together?? The most valuable employee thing went down in a single day?? Ewwww... a giant plate of churros and a wine glass of milk?? "equal or greater value" to a golf cart, haha. 17,505 people is the capacity of the center. "I'm worried my music's no good", ok. I was impressed with Ben's faking knowing the songs because of the set list, LoL. Nice, new golf cart on fire... :(  

Minute to Win It (S02E26 & S02E27): Another double-header. . it wasn't as heavy on the backstory, but I'm not in love with this double-header format, and the competition in the beginning is also not that great. It's still going downhill for me, and the end may be in sight. 
Two girls playing, the first girl to win 4 challenges banks $50,000 and keeps going. Krista and Heather. Sugar vs. Spice.
Game 1: Candelier: Stack paper plates and empty soda cans to build an inverted pyramid - 1 can, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5. Krista wins.
Game 2: Whack Attack: hit bobbing markers into bottles of water with wooden spoons, until all of them are stuck in the bottles and fully submerged. Krista wins by quite the margin!
Game 3: Tear it Up: Fling rubber bands at suspended rolls of toilet paper. Whoever gets theirs to fall to the ground first wins. Heather wins superfast.
Game 4: Stack Attack: 36 plastic cups to build a pyramid and then deconstruct it again. Krista has this one much more easily. Turns out, Heather built the wrong set-up, haha.
Game 5: Layin' Track: lay tracks of staples that goes over some pre-set erasers, so that a marble can go down the track and into a glass. Heather gets it.
Game 6: A Bit Dicey: balance 6 dice on top of a popsicle stick that you're holding in your mouth. They have to remain stacked for a full 3 seconds. They both topple, which kinda sucked. They try again, and Heather is too shaky, then Krista falls again, and Krista ends up winning, before a split-second where her stack falls. Heather gets $1,000 and leaves.
Game 7: Speed Eraser: Bounce 12 pencils into 12 cups. She has about 3 left at the end that she didn't complete when time ran out, so she loses and life and plays again. She finishes with 6 seconds to go this time.
Game 8: Caddy Stack: Stack three golf balls that can stand for 3+ seconds. She's never completed this one before. She could get two, but stacking the third was just too much for her (she WAS pretty shaky), and she ultimately runs out of time. Her daddy encourages her and she tries again... she can get 2 without an issue again, and gets the third with just 4 seconds to go... She looked SO skeptical, LoL. She walks with $125,000.

Next: Two families going head-to-head. A Father-Son team and a Mother-Daughter team. Same idea - you play until one entity wins 4 games, then the loser goes home and the winner keeps climbing toward the top. Anthony & Hugo; Donna & Heidi. Anthony's job is to help veterans find jobs... interesting.
Game 1: Floatacious: A player from each family builds a floating tower of 5 empty soda cans on a plastic foundation floating in a bowl of water. It has to stay up for 3 seconds. Boys win.
Game 2: Extreme Hanky Panky - 160 tissues in each box. Empty one with each hand as fast as you can. Amusing to watch, and I thought that the girls had it in the bag early on, but she ends up winning by quite a bit (Anthony keeps pulling until he actually finishes, LoL).
Game 3: The Nutstacker: Use a chopstick with 8 metal nuts on it to stack the nuts (hexagonal) in a tower. The tower must hold for three seconds without toppling. Boys win.
Game 4: Office Dominoes: Balance 11 reams of paper on their ends so that they act as dominoes... when you tip the first one over, they all go and hopefully, eventually ring a bell. Although the girls push the reams first, the boys stacks go faster and they win.
Game 5: Ping Tac Toe: Using 9 water-filled glasses, each player has a bucket of different-colored ping-pong balls, and they're both shooting for a tic-tac-toe of their color. It was amusing when Hugo got one into the glass that the girls needed to win, and then it slide over to the glass that he needed to win! So, girls go home and boys keep playing.
Game 6: Mega Bubble: Blow a bubble and use your own breath to get it across the stage and through a hoop. Anthony gets it with 35 seconds to go, right after talking about how this is one of the most challenging games for them.
Game 7: What A Racquet: Hold the racquet between your legs and get a gumball to roll around and land in a specific square. If the gumball bounces off, you can grab another and keep trying. Poor Anthony ends up on a to-be-continued...

Better With You (S01E14): The "Saturday Night" parallel made me laugh. A drinking game to Casey... awesome. Maddie is named after Madison Square Garden... when she was conceived... hahahahaha. Unlucky jacket... love the premise. Leave it to Casey to start to see an upside... and force everyone else to as well.  

Hot in Cleveland (S02E05): Yay, Roz is guesting! She hasn't aged at all in 8 years! "Don't tell me people are still swallowing in Cleveland" when Roz's character talks about the "new" things that people are doing in LA was amusing. The idea that you'd have to get on a waiting list for multiple years to have the newest kind of face lift is also rather appalling. A guy who looks in your eyes and tells you what's wrong with you... um, ok. "I've never seen natural aging before" hahahahaha. Cool opening for the LA episode. Wow, Susan and Victoria really do have a rough relationship! haha, all those Brittanys! Nice that Melanie was a soccer mom and Girl Scout leader. I can't believe how awful Susan is to Victoria! Elka stalking Robert Redford is fun. "And if some rum found its way in there, that'd be okay" hahaha. Wow... she really has memories of everything in her home! "hot set" tape... I've never seen that! Betty White on Jimmy Kimmel. I love it! 

Wipeout (S04E07): Wipeouteous.... ok. Wipeout Qualifier - snowman surprise (a plank flips up and hits you, big balls, polar bear express (aka another type of sweeper), and the yule log jammer. Strange tights on that first guy (who lost 50+ pounds to compete). He has some nice wipeouts. The hairy guy flipping through the hoop and falling backwards was hilarious. I had never heard of "puke and rally" before... my friend had to tell me what it meant, LoL. awww... someone totally got a bloody nose from the snowman surprise. Vicky the dolphin girl.... really?? booty-popping? really?? He wastes like 7 seconds doing that mess. Pig sounds?? geez they have some strange contestants today! Now, the ski lift, where you hold onto an overhead handlebar and use it to hoist yourself up and over sweeper arms as the entire thing revolves. The last two guys had some great moves. Dizzy Dummy to a bunch of obstacles on a course where they're racing to get all the way across. After someone makes it, everyone else has to go back to the Dizzy Dummy and do it all again. Crankshaft wipes out BootyPop. BabyDaddy makes it across first. I'm not a big fan of grabbing onto someone's ankles to get up!! StudlyStudent makes it across next. The Quitter also makes it (she's the one who played professional soccer for 3 days... then she got married or something). Wipeout Zone - bobsled blast-off, icy stairway, frostbite sweeper, sinister snowflakes. 7:59 for BabyDaddy. Quitter... quit. An old soccer injury where her knee popped out, LoL. StudlyStudent... I was impressed with his agility on the stairs. He struggles a lot on the snowflakes tho, and ultimately runs out of time.

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Off season/Coming Up:
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (season 3 continues March 28th at 8pm)
South Park (season 15 starts April 27th)
Melissa & Joey (some point in the Spring)
Futurama (Season 6 continues with episode 14 in the Spring)
Kate Plus Eight (not sure when season 2 episode 2 is)
Teen Mom (no idea)
16 and Pregnant (no idea)
Terra Nova (previewing in May; premiering in September)
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