Thursday, June 28, 2012

Melissa & Joey: Again with the Dancing

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I understand that the show is titled Melissa AND Joey, but the idea that their storylines intertwine all the time is getting old, and it's a bit early for that. Yes, they're probably going to end up together at some point, but why do we need to drive all of this tension between them now? And, for the love of teenagers everywhere, can we do something with Ryder that doesn't involve Holly? They've been joined at the hip on camera for quite a while now, completely destroying any hope of Ryder getting some independent screentime or even a worthwhile storyline. Lennox, on the other hand, has been appearing with old friends, new friends, boyfriends, boyfriends of friends, and the whole family... yes, she's a cute character with a different attitude toward 2012 high school than we're seeing on other series, but perhaps she could be dialed down a notch? I don't know, maybe I'm just wanting to see this series be something it's not... thoughts?

Melissa & Joey "Mixed Doubles" (S02E07): Joe meets one of Mel's colleagues, Ariel, and takes an instant liking to her. [do you ever think that the adults on this show are a bit sex-crazed?] Mel warns him that a CEO might not be for him, but he goes on a date with her anyway and has a good time. As a thank-you, Joe sets up Mel with an old pal of his, Clark, whose wife left him 89 weeks ago. [when a guy can tell you exactly how long he's been alone, don't date him. just a thought. though, it's probably better than sitting at home, teaching yourself to knit!] Clark and Mel have a good time reminiscing about old songs, but just after Mel gives Joe a positive mid-date report, Clark begins missing his wife. [haha at "The Twist."] After Joe hears about it, he suggests that they double to take off some pressure. [eh. I never doubled when I was part of a new relationship, so I can't exactly weigh-in, but seeing friends double with my husband and I doesn't make me think this is true. Sometimes I think the pressure increases.] But, his choice of a dance club doesn't sit well with Ariel or Clark, who only dance to one song each with their dates. When Clark decides that he has to try to get his wife back, he leaves... just after Ariel tells Joe that it's over between them. It's only 8:17pm, so the two of them decide to do some dancing. [well, you have to keep up appearances... who comes home before 9:30pm?] Before you know it, however, Joe is back with Valerie, a barista who carries around her father's ashes. [seriously.]
Meanwhile, Lennox has been kicked off the school blog, so she decides to start her own. Problem is, she'd rather work on her blog than go to a movie, disappointing new boyfriend, Haskell. [bleh to Lennox's hair but loved Mel's tunic!] After doing a post that says "I'm sorry, Haskell," they decide to in parallel, and she says that they can take make-out breaks every twenty minutes. [yeah, because this is a great solution.] Ryder interrupts to suggest she name her blog, "Lennox Explains It All." [inside joke x1M!]
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