Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The New Normal: Presents for Bryan, David, AND Rocky

I can't believe I didn't see this title coming! I also wouldn't have guessed that Bryan and David would donate all of their baby shower gifts! But, the biggest surprise of all was Rocky becoming a foster parent to Nikki, which I think was a sneaky way for the showrunners to drum up more interest in a second season. The guys raising an infant would be funny, but Rocky also jumping through the hoops of foster parenting (did you know you can't just use any old babysitter if you foster? it has to be a foster-trained babysitter!) and dealing with single motherhood will make for a "better" comedy. Of course, coming up with roles for Goldie and Shania (and Jane and Clay, technically) to play post-partum will be a challenge, but it's a start. Anyone else smell the gimmick or am I out on a limb? 

The New Normal "Rocky Bye Baby" (S01E17): Rocky, Shania, and Goldie want to throw a baby shower for Bryan and David, though they really don't want one, not needing the gifts of others and all. [really? Bryan turns down a party in his honor? a bit out-of-character, no?] But, they agree to one themed with the Early 80s New York Art Scene, asking for no gifts. However, the gifts pour in, and Rocky is upset that the guys aren't more grateful.
Vivian Zink/NBC
They decide to donate the gifts, but this is a problem when Jane and Rocky want their mink onesie to go to a good home, not a random one. So, while the guys are pondering adoption to "make a bigger difference" to children, Rocky and Jane head down to the center to reclaim the item. [I was surprised at a) how the guys didn't try to hide their donations a little more; they must have known people would be hurt by that action, and b) that Bryan didn't at least point out that it was his favorite gift.] Well, the guys head down there to adopt a little girl, but it turns out that Rocky beat them to it, having previously filled out everything to become a foster parent. [I thought that the point about her wanting to show she values her career could have been stronger.] The guys still consider taking in an additional child, but they're advised to get adjusted to parenting one baby first. [good advice!] 

And, elsewhere, Shania and Clay throw Goldie a shower. [Shania's remarks about hummus were ODD. even for her!]
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