Saturday, August 31, 2013

Newsroom Factroom - One Step Too Many (S02E06)

Deep into Operation Genoa at this point, there were SOME political facts thrown into this episode and those are up first. One item to note: Genoa's real-life parallel was not running on the same timeline. It's been stated that technology comparisons will not be done, and at this point, it should also be stated that enemy comparisons will not be done, either. If it's not already obvious, the opposing force in Operation Genoa is not the same as the real version. Sorkin is dramatizing only the media's role and the atmosphere of the failure in their context. The enemy's an enemy and plays its part. 'Nuff said...

The legend: accuratepotentially accurate, or inaccurate.  And here... we... go.
  • The 112th U.S. Congress was one of the most worthless congresses in U.S. history, noting renaming post offices and commissioning the minting of coins among its accolades.
    • Unfortunately, yes, but...
      • The 112th definitely shouldn't brag about it what it did, but this opinion seems to have been sole-sourced from this HuffPo article, given they reference the former worst congress in U.S. history in the exact same manner.
      • The issue is when this story was reported. This wasn't news on March 21st, 2012 because at that point the 112th had a fair amount of time left in its term. It obviously wouldn't "boot and rally" to get the numbers of a productive congress, but it was preemptive to make the extreme comparison with "the worst ever."
  • We (the United States) were supposed to destroy all sarin gas by 2007 according to the chemical weapons convention.
  • Don was at Newsweek for the fallout of the Koran being flushing down the toilet.
    • Yes, but...
      • Yep, Newsweek reported this and then retracted it after the White House officially wondered why they hadn't and the Pentagon yelled and screamed.
      • There was no any correlation drawn between this story and the London bombing, even in the recorded conspiracy theories. Don seems to be expressing some unrequited guilt, but nothing factual.
But the most important fact checked in this episode, there are actually 10 reindeer: the original eight (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donner, Cupid, Comet, Blitzen) plus Rudolph and Olive. If you're looking to blame someone for this, blame the masses for bad melodic enunciation and evolving 'all of' to 'Olive.'
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