Monday, August 5, 2013

Newsroom Factroom - Willie Pete

Moving right along with season 2, it's going to get thick with political campaigning events and the very odd YouTube debate formats that were oh-so annoying. The debate YouTube clips shown will not be checked, but the questions, answers, and fact-checking of the answers are fair game.

The legend: accuratepotentially accurate, or inaccurate.  Lights, camera, debate...
  • Will's entire coverage of the republican candidate debate and the YouTube clip with the gay soldier asking about the changes they would make...
    • Accurate
      • The video was identical. The replay shows nearly the exact same scenario as on the show except for approximately 1 second more of the same booing. It's a shame the answer to the question wasn't shown because it actually was a decent answer.
  • The U.S. was supposed to destroy all chemical weapons after the 1997 CWC accord but hasn't yet.
    • True... and apparently 10% of the chemical weapons declared in 1997 are still sitting around someplace today.
  • The Operation Genoa stuff
    • Kinda?
      • Keeping the story a surprise, the operation's objectives really haven't been made clear, but the title of the episode, 'Willie Pete,' really does refer to the white phosphorus and Charlie is correct in saying that shooting it at people would be considered a war crime.
      • Twitter wasn't around when the original operation took place, so the Twitter leads that the research team chase down are complete rubbish. Other than great product placement for Twitter, it's unclear if there was any equivalent coverage for the events.
Disappointed that more political events will be skipped now that Jim is off the Romney bus, but if Operation Genoa starts to take center stage, a more detailed comparison of Genoa to the original operation will probably take place. Until next time, please watch out for the remaining ~ 3,100 metric tons of chemical weapons lying around.
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