Monday, August 5, 2013

Season Finale: Falling Skies: Relocation

When Falling Skies began, I wasn't certain that it would be a great series. At the time, post-apocalyptic dramas were just coming to prominence, and the first season turned out to be very intriguing and worth watching. As time went on, however, the series began to decline, and this third set of installments really fell below an acceptable level. Still, TNT renewed the show for a fourth season, though one can only imagine what sorts of antics might occur after this bunch! One of the most outstanding issues in this season is that the bulk of the events of the seven months between seasons two and three were never divulged. Countless loose ends exist at this point, as arcs constantly give way to other, more "pressing" happenings, and deciding in which direction the series should go has become an exhausting, confusing, and mind-bending conflict.

Falling Skies "Brazil" (S03E10): Weaver and Pope are on a train to Chicago with Lourdes, as a decoy for Mason and the others, who use an aircraft carrier in Massachusetts Bay to use the weapon to take down the grid. [glad Kadar's 94% accuracy hypothesis was accurate!] Cochise brings Mason and Weaver to a meeting with a VIP Volm, and the men learn that Cochise is the son of the leader. [awww. I'm sad Cochise isn't as honorable as he appeared!]
courtesy of TNT
The Volm have been battling the Espheni forever, and they don't want humans to continue in the fight, so they plan to immediately relocate everyone to Brazil. [what's the justification as to the choice of location?] Tom and Weaver are both very upset, and when Tom touches Cochise's father, he winds up detained, leaving Weaver to go tell the group that they must move out ASAP. [Weaver's daughter finding out that her father is taking nitroglycerin pills was very forced, I thought.] Everyone eventually comes to accept the relocation, but then Cochise lets them have weapons and go freely, though they cannot stay in Boston.

They head into the woods and soon run into Karen, who is wounded in a violent battle. It is believed that she died, though Hal sees her live on. Anne also appears with a six-year-old Lexi. [hahaha, best rapidly-aged baby ever!] Anne doesn't remember anything, and Kadar has no idea how to predict Lexi's growth. [no surprise.] The group is going to head for Charleston to warn them about the relocation, then start building another resistance group.

The episode ends with Lexi removing Lourdes' worms and dissolving them. [I was afraid the bugs were going to latch to Alexis!]
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