Sunday, September 8, 2013

United Bates of America: Long-Lost Chickens

The Bates family isn't incredibly well-known, but if you follow the Duggars, you probably know this other mega-family. Gil and Kelly met in college and started their brood soon after graduation. The United Bates of America ran eight episodes last summer, but my DVR missed an episode, which apparently reran last week, so I finally saw it. The installment was much like the others in the short-lived series, with part of the episode devoted to a family project, another about day-to-day life, and another revolving around what makes a large family different from an average-sized family. It actually made me miss the Bateses, as they really are quite different from the Duggars, but an annual special is probably enough.
Credit: TLC / Charles Garvey
The United Bates of America "New Editions" (S01E05): The family decides to get chickens to provide them with fresh eggs on a regular basis. Apparently, they’ve had chickens before, but they made a mess being free-range on the property. [gross!] These chickens would be in a coop, so the first thing that has to happen is the family finds a spot to clear, then build a structure. [I thought it was funny that the kids kept disappearing on Gil. Also, the Duggars were there for MONTHS when the Bates family was building their house? This was a long time ago, but I don't recall the then-18-Kids-and-Counting episodes seeming to span that much time (announcement, arrival to help, some building, Wilsons also come to help, finished product, later visit, recap).] They spend over $200 in materials, but it all comes together in the end, and they get about four adult chickens and about twenty chicks. [won't that be too many birds running around when they're all adults??] 

Also taking place during this project is Carlin's 14th birthday, which is celebrated with balloons, roses, and a cake. [wow! flowers at 14!] Plus, a couple of the younger kids have cavities, and the family believes it’s because there’s no fluoride in their spring water. [I wonder if it's more due to the fact that there are so many kids now that it is difficult for the parents to supervise all the brushing...]
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