Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NEW SHOW: Blackish: The Urban Division

I’m not going to reiterate every other article about the pilot, but yes, I will agree that this new series could be the black family comedy that’s been missing from the broadcast airwaves for the past decade. It’s not the most cleverly written show so far (I think they missed a gag in putting Andre in a grey sweatshirt instead of a full-on hoodie), but there is definitely a foundation upon which comedic genius could be built. For starters, Andre is heading up a new division, so it’s only a matter of time before he’ll need to do some hiring. Similarly, I imagine it’ll be a point of contention that oldest daughter Zoey will consider elite schools while her parents may want her to think about attending an HBCU. But, let’s just hope that the series does well and gets chances to showcase some plotlines like those!
Blackish "Pilot" (S01E01): An advertising executive and a doctor have four kids in their large Los Angeles home that contains everything any of them need. At work, Andre is promoted to Senior Vice President of the Urban Division, but he isn’t sure if the bosses are taking his contributions seriously, so he decides to test the waters by goofing off and doing a gag ad. [Chris is cool, Josh is annoying.] The whole situation makes him second-guess the way his children see the world, and Andre’s father’s input isn’t helping.

Freshman Andy plays field hockey, which Andre has a tough time accepting over basketball. [you know, the “blackish sport.”] The bigger ordeal, however, is that he wants a Bar Mitzvah for his 13th birthday, freaking out Andre, who decides to throw an African Rites of Passage party. Dad comes around, however, and hip-hop bro mitzvah theme for his son. [so the kid was 12 when he started high school? That makes him two grades ahead for his age, right?]
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