Thursday, September 25, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Custody, Vacation, Court, Mistakes

I'm over here rolling my eyes at Jenelle's ridiculousness. Her responses to Nathan about wanting Jace to start school with Barbara, then move the next year sounded an awful lot like "my hands are full with the newborn; let's wait until he's toddling around to take on a school-age child at the same time." But, then, as soon as she gets jealous of Barbara, she does a 180 and decides to fight for Jace, even if it's not in anyone's best interest. Kailyn and Leah were pretty tame this episode, and I felt bad for Chelsea. She took her time getting her act together, but she is eons ahead of Adam, and I bet she regrets her history with him all.the.time. I am so angry over Aubree's poor little burned knee!

Teen Mom 2 "Wish You Were Here" (S05E24): It's July for Jenelle, as Kaiser was born on the last day of June. No easy answers for the timeline for Chelsea and Leah. It's June for Kailyn, as the family vacation is the week of Father's Day. [Father's Day picture below, as odd as it appears.]
Jenelle: Kaiser is a couple weeks old, and Jenelle wants to take Jace overnight, though she and Nathan are both exhausted. [Jenelle should know not to offer to take Jace if she knows she can't handle the drive!] Nathan wants Jenelle to get custody of Jace, which Jenelle fights up until she learns Barbara took him to see the fireworks, an opportunity she wanted. 

Leah: More information must be gathered before the judge can make any decisions about child support or custody. A Guardian ad Litem has been appointed to communicate between all parties.

Kailyn: She tries to facetime with Isaac, but isn't always able to. Kailyn, Javi, and Lincoln enjoy time at the beach. Kailyn and Javi take a tour of the campus and learn about the Mass Communications program Kail is enrolling in. [I didn't know she introduced herself as Kail! I wonder if it is at all related to trying to distance herself from her reality television personality?]

Chelsea: She and her boss do makeup on-location for a wedding and then start to figure out what additional services they can offer. Adam gets arrested again, but Adam's parents are honest with Chelsea and she lets them keep Aubree for the remainder of the weekend. Still, Aubree rides a dirt bike with Adam and burns her knee. [OUCH! and no helmet?!?] Chelsea requests a copy of Adam's criminal record so she can keep track of his court dates. 
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