Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Neighbors: PTA & Soccer Practice

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Can we all agree right now that Larry using a gingerbread man that he was moving through a remote-controlled body suit was ridiculous, creepy, and unnecessary? I don't really think that Debbie is a great candidate for PTA President anyway, so the idea that Larry would scare off the current leader is problematic for multiple reasons. Amber, Reggie, and Abby were absent from this episode, which continues to irk me. Rarely does this series manage to include all nine main cast members, which isn't an outrageous number. Despite the fact that I've been putting effort into trying to like this comedy, halfway into the first season, I'm calling it quits. Anyone going to miss coverage of this extraterrestrial/NJ family show?

The Neighbors "The Gingerbread Man" (S01E11): It's Parent Involvement night at the elementary school, and though Debbie wants to join the PTA, Marty would rather coach soccer. Loving petty politics, Larry decides to join Debbie while Jackie helps Marty with sports. At the PTA meeting, Debbie's ideas for gingerbread soccer players doesn't go over well, but Larry dives in and decides that they should win over other members to the idea. They get enough promised votes, but when the President is still rude, Larry builds a gingerbread cookie that he can remotely move. He freaks her out but everyone in the PTA becomes afraid of Larry and won't help bake the cookies. [I think that this storyline had greater potential but it fell flat, especially in the way it wrapped up.] 

Dick and Max are on the soccer team, and Jackie is afraid that Dick will develop low self-esteem from his horrible skills. [does that happen? kids who aren't great but still part of a team feel like they suck?] Larry suggests that she push Dick harder, so she forces him to run hundreds of laps. Then, she points out how weak he is in front of everyone and kicks him off the team, as her competitive nature has surfaced. [what was that mess about installing a performance chip in Dick's brain??] The kids choose her over sympathetic Marty, but Marty gets Dick back on the team when Jackie misses her son. [having Dick move like the gingerbread man to scare the PTA President again was ridiculous.]
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