Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cake Boss: It's Easter on TLC

April, July, what's the difference? For viewers of Cake Boss, perhaps not that much. Rather than an episode filled with patriotic cakes and the family celebrating Independence Day with a BBQ, they were treated to Buddy Valastro decorating an Easter cake before the extended famiglia gathered to celebrate the holiday with Mama Mary, a snowbird returning to New Jersey for the summer. While most reality series (including Cake Boss: Next Great Baker, another of Valastro's four TLC series) screw with the timeline in order to air timely episodes for audiences, ignore seasonal changes, or even carry over the previous year's holidays in rare instances, Cake Boss continues to time-delay their tapings, even though TLC has proven on many occasions that it can turn around film in two or three weeks (like the births of Carlo Salvatore Valastro or Marcus Anthony Duggar). Why this happens in general is not clear, but this specific instance was pushed back in order to show both the opening of the Ridgewood location, and the problematic post-Sandy episodes. Here's to hoping we see some big wedding cakes and other summery creations soon.

The Cake Boss "Easter Basket Case" (S06E11): It's Easter time, which is hectic enough with only one bakery to run, so obviously Buddy is swamped with work, which only compounds when the bakery at Lackawanna can't keep up with the demand at the stores.

An autism group is having an Easter egg hunt and orders a cake for 100 people. Buddy demonstrates a basket weave on the outside of the cake, and the decorators slice fondant into thin strips for Easter grass and adds lots of spring flowers to the cake board. [I LOVE the basketweave! When I learned it in my Wilton class, I was in love! It IS time-consuming, but it turns out gorgeous!] Buddy brought Sophia, Marco, and Carlo to the cake delivery and was even invited to kick-off the egg hunt. [haha, Buddy's countdown counted up!]

Buddy's mother has returned from her winter in Florida, and it seems that her ALS has spread to her chest, which can affect her breathing. [not to be morbid, but that's NOT a good sign.] Madeline's kids put together a scrapbook with all the cousins for their grandmother.

Over at the bakery, the hot Easter items are wheat pie, Easter bread, a special cookie, and cold cut pie. [cold cut pie?? I've never heard of such a thing and am struggling to figure out how that would work... maybe if it was like a quiche? actually, a little research reveals that it IS similar.] The wheat pies are time-intensive, both before and during baking, but it's what the customers want!
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