Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mistresses: SUCH a Soap!!

Dang. A LOT happened as the second season of Mistresses wound down, but arguably the hottest topic was none other than Joss's engagement to Scott.
It happened fast, they seemed to have several kinks to work out, and there were quite a few reasons to doubt the union would actually happen. However, I didn't see Harry falling for Joss being one of them! That completely changed the series in a way I didn't expect, and will drag me back for more if it's renewed (which it may very well be, as the ratings for the second season were pretty similar to the first). I'm again losing interest in Karen and Savi's lives, but Savi is bound to blow up over the Joss-Harry situation, so no calm waters on the horizon there!

Mistresses "Choices" (S02E11): Karen confronts Daniel, and learns that he works for the FBI. April isn't interested in explanations or apologies, but she's forced to continue helping or risk all sorts of issues, including jail time because she knew she didn't deserve Paul's life insurance money if he was still alive. [that sucks.] She receives a phone in the mail with only one contact number in it, so she knows how to reach her former husband if need be.

Karen helps Anna look for a new job and apartment, but learns that the girl would rather move back to Korea, so she helps mend the fences between Anna and her parents. [I'm fine with writing off Anna.] The whole thing makes Karen think she needs a new profession, so she quits her practice and considers moving to Boston with Jacob, who is starting a new job there. [mmhmm. because they've been together for half a season and all.] However, she decides she doesn't want to leave her life. She also has an unexpected visitor - Ben, from her escort days. [pre-Jacob this season.]

Joss tells the group that she's engaged, while Savi breaks the news that she's single again. [interesting juxtaposition.] Scott buys Joss a Tesla, and presents it while she's out with Savi - he swapped it out with the valet! [how ridiculous! he didn't even get to see her face!] Joss doesn't want to feel like a dependent, so she wants a pre-nup. But, Scott won't enter a marriage planning to fail, though he will agree that each will keep their own names, their two kids will have both, she'll pay the phone and cable bills, and they'll have sex at least five times a week (at least once each weekend). [McKayla Maroney face over here!]

Harry is concerned that he's going to get fired because Greta wants a new menu and he's not a short-order cook, but they become intimate and the problems are solved. [eye roll. also, broken glass!] 

At work, Dom tries to get dirt on Toni, while removing Savi from cases he's also working. Toni tells her to get Dom in trouble to make herself happier, but Savi records the conversation and gets Toni in trouble. [ha!] Zack sends Savi a leather jacket. [ugh. he's still around?]

Mistresses "Surprise" (S02E12): Karen talks to Ben, who shares that he's HIV+, so she should also be tested. [uh oh.] She goes to her regular doctor, but she can't handle talking about it and turns to April's Catholic church, a faith she held as a child. [I don't know if I remembered April was a church-going woman.] It convinces her that she can handle what's coming, and gets her blood drawn.

April gives the phone over to the FBI, but there's nothing to trace on it yet, so April will have to chat with Paul for 30 seconds, only when she calls, there's a recording that says he'll return her call sometime in the next 48 hours. Because she now has to be monitored, she sends Lucy on that Tahoe trip, and the FBI sets up in April's house for the weekend. [I'd be suspicious if I was Lucy!] But, Lucy swings by the house to get her iPod, so Daniel and April have to pretend that they're mending fences. April turns to Dom for help, as she decides to warn Paul of the FBI, and she winds up arrested. Paul is in even more trouble, though, as once he passes on the tip to his boss, he is escorted out of a motel room by a colleague with a hidden gun. [I'm not cure "colleague" is the correct term in this scenario...] Also, best line of the episode goes to April: "I wish I can go with you but I have to go back to the FBI office tomorrow, so I can help my not-married ex-boyfriend find my not-dead ex-husband who currently works for some drug-dealing overlord."

Joss sees Harry and Greta being intimate, but what's worse is that she chats non-stop about Harry to Scott's mother when the two women are out working on the wedding registry. Then, Scott goes to Harry to find out what a good gift for Joss would be, and he suggests a record player so Joss can play the records her father left her. Scott wants to go bigger, with a jukebox that has those songs pre-programmed, but he does decide to keep it simple. [he's getting a bit annoying, in a very pretentious way.] Back in the restaurant business, Greta has a conflict pop up with the soft opening, so Harry moves it up... to Joss's engagement party weekend. When she confronts Harry, he tells her the wedding will never happen anyway. [how rude!]  

Savi goes out to dinner with Zack, but it seems they don't have much in common. [no kidding.] Despite the fact that it's a bit of a disaster, she agrees to see him again, and rather than a nice restaurant, they go to a dive with a live band, where Zack is asked to sing. [why is this bit being added?] Savi's car gets towed, so Zack offers to drive her on his motorcycle, but she freaks out en route.

Mistresses "'Til Death Do Us Part" (S02E13): Dom defends April against the FBI, and Daniel has been fired. But, he's still particularly interested in the safety of April and Lucy, so when he learns that the guy Paul works for knows April talked to the feds, he whisks them away to a secluded cabin. [I would be really wary of Daniel if I was April!] April presents herself to Daniel, and the next day they learn that both Paul and his boss have been shot. Lucy sees it on TV, and is upset that her mother hid things from her. [geez. this is going to get messy!]

Karen needs to have her blood re-drawn because there's been some contamination with the sample, however the results come back negative for HIV.

The restaurant opens and is a success, but Harry and Greta are over, and he kisses Joss. Joss tells Karen (in whom Savi confided that she still thinks of Harry), then tells Harry they're not friends anymore and not to come to the party. [ouch!] However, unbeknownst to Joss, Scott wants to turn the engagement party into a surprise wedding, which Harry knows about. [nice variety of dresses, veils, and shoes!] Joss agrees to marry him suddenly, but when Harry shows up anyway (with a broken hand, but that's besides the point), Joss leaves Scott at the alter to be with Harry on the beach.
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