Thursday, September 4, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Kailyn Flyin Solo, Jenelle Busy with Life...

Chelsea is having more drama with Adam, but is trying to avoid conflict as much as possible. Kailyn struggles as a solo parent, but once Javi returns from training, things get better for them. Leah still doesn't have Ali's wheelchair situation straightened out, plus she apparently needs more money for the girls. Jenelle, however, maintains being ridiculously busy with arguments (with both her boyfriend and her mother), school (wonder if she'll be able to finish the quarter/semester as she gets closer to giving birth?), and being pregnant. At least she doesn't have to deal with those dogs herself.
Teen Mom 2 "Bad Behavior" (S05E20): It's May for Jenelle.
Chelsea: Adam gets arrested for driving with a suspended license during his weekend with Aubree, but his parents don't tell Chelsea. [I'm tired of everything falling on his parents. there must be great grandparents' rights in South Dakota!] Chelsea decides to make a behavior chart for home just like the one at Aubree's preschool.

Kailyn: Her mother, Suzi, comes to help out, as with Javi away, it's tough on Kailyn. Isaac doesn't think Javi cares about them because he's working. [aww. yeah, I bet that's tough on a kid.] 

Leah: Leah is having problems with the wheelchair speed, as it seems to be stuck in slow mode, so Corey and Miranda rent a stroller at the zoo. [that sucks. it's so far to get to the hospital they're borrowing it from, too!] Leah talks to Aleeah about why she doesn't need a wheelchair and shouldn't be jealous of Ali. 

Jenelle: She's due in six weeks and is doing well in her classes, but she's been fighting with Nathan a lot. [what kind of classes is she taking, again?] Nathan has been drinking and suspects Jenelle of talking to someone else. They register for baby items, like a stroller than folds itself up electronically. [I've never heard of such a thing!]

Teen Mom 2 "Cabin Fever" (S05E21): It's early June for Jenelle.
Kailyn: She struggles when Isaac won't behave and is late to pick up Javi at the airport. [but, at least he's back!]

Leah: She needs to find a new place to live, and decides to take Corey to court for more child support. [I wonder if she needs it...]

Chelsea: She goes to her family's cabin with friends when Aubree is with Adam for the weekend. [this is like the first time we've ever heard about a family cabin. I guess they don't use it much?] She's getting laser hair removal on her bikini area. 

Jenelle: Her divorce from Courtland has been processed. She now has a panic disorder, not bipolar. [and it seems she was mis-diagnosed previously?]
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