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16 & Pregnant: Updates from the Teen Mom 3 Rejects

Now that Teen Mom 3 is in full swing, it makes sense that MTV would give another set of updates on the other girls from the fourth season. The last update was over a year ago, and one might very well believe that this will be the final installment for those girls. Their stories vary widely, from not being able to afford rent to being well into a college degree, and the teens aren't all protected from making the same mistake again, either. Some might have been better choices to follow more closely through Teen Mom 3, while others are about as interesting as watching paint dry. Whether a new set of girls will pop up for yet another round of 16 and Pregnant episodes remains unclear, but after a year of no news, it's pretty close to say that there will be no more dreaded hours of watching immature adolescents making poor choices.

16 and Pregnant "Where are they Now? 4" (Special): 
Myranda - It has been 20 months, and Kaylee turns 2 in September. Eric works odd hours at Walmart, and they use WIC and food stamps to get by. Her mother is allowed to watch Kaylee now. [glad she's gotten her alcoholism under control.] Myranda has not gotten her GED yet, as she doesn't want to miss out on her daughter growing up. [she can't study for a couple hours a day without missing major moments??] They couple has been engaged for two years, and although they have not yet set a date, they anticipate going to the courthouse in a few months, surrounded by friends and family. [they actually went to talk to a judge about HOW it works??] Myranda does want more children, but for now she's on the shot.

Sabrina - Twenty months later, Audrey is turning two years old, and Sabrina and Iman are no longer together, as he cheated on her while pregnant. [I hate those scenarios!] She's still in Tennessee, though she wants to move back to CA and go to college. Her mother now has custody of 0/7 children, and her sister, Rebecca, is in foster care. [that's rough.] When Iman calls, Sabrina hands the phone to Audrey, but Sabrina isn't too upset, as she's living with boyfriend Bryce, whom Audrey calls "Dad." [whoa. I'm always shocked at how these teen mothers find people to support them!] She is looking for a job and wants to return to school and become a teacher. She is using condoms for protection, but is considering the shot.

Sarah - Two years later, Tinleigh is two, and is watched by Sarah's mom while Sarah works 20-30 hours/week as a service assistant at a restaurant. [interesting comment that nobody recognizes her from the show.] She couldn't afford to pay rent if she needed to, but she did graduate with her class and has finished the first year of her radiology degree. [baby steps.] Blake moved to South Carolina, partied hard, started dating someone, then moved back and got another girl pregnant. [sucks!] Because of his actions, Sarah gets Tinleigh's surname changed to match hers. She was on the pill but now isn't using birth control, as she is not planning to be sexually active for a long time.

Lindsey - 19 months after her episode, Aniyah is about to turn 2 and speaks both English and Spanish. She's a door girl at a topless bar for now, but is soon opening a hookah lounge called Puff & Pass with her business partner. [I understand that she has been working hard, but that's a substantial amount of money for someone who used to share a room AND BED with her sister...] She and Forrest are no longer together because he smokes weed and doesn't contribute financially, though he does spend time with Aniyah. She's using condoms because her body "rejects" all kinds of birth control.

Hope - 21 months later, Hope and one-night-stand-Ben are living together, with her working as a server and he short on hours because he hasn't been able to find a replacement second job. [She is actually forced to move back home because of it, while Ben lives in a tent at a campground, having been turned down by family. [and he has no friends? or he doesn't want to be a mooch?] She failed her classes and might lose her financial aid, and she can't afford birth control because she has no health insurance. It's a rough situation, but the family hopes to be able to live together again soon. [maybe in another year?]

Devon - 18 months later, little Landon is 19 months old, and Devon has finished her GED. She shares that she and Colin tried to come off as happy on camera, but things were worse than they seemed, and they eventually broke up, though Colin does see Landon on Tuesday, Thursday, and every other weekend. [what a complicated schedule!] He also supplies diapers and wipes as needed. [I guess that's good.] She moved back in with her mother and is planning to start college soon, though she continues to have anxiety attacks on a daily basis. She's been dating Eric for six months. 

Jordan - After 22 months, Chase is 2, and he and Jordan have moved in with Tyler after a few months of issues. Her mother visits weekly, and she is planning to start college when Chase begins preschool. She never leaves the house on her own and misses her friends. [did anyone else throw up a major red flag here? I found it very odd that she isn't interested in going places on her own.] Chase has had surgery for stomach issues. She does her schoolwork from home, and wants to go to college when Chase is in preschool. Jordan has using implanon, but Tyler wants another child sooner rather than later. [oooh. wonder how that will go...]

Kristina - 19 months later, Lukas is 22 months old, and she tries not to think about Todd too much. She married TJ after six months of dating, and they had an oopsy-baby, Tommy Joseph, now six months old. [both kids wear the same size diaper?] Lukas is over-sensitive, so he sees an occupational therapist twice a month and Early Childhood Intervention four times a month, and is starting speech therapy, too. [haha, recommending the pill, the condom, AND pulling out.] Things aren't all coming up roses, however, as she cheated on him and suspects he cheated on her, so they've been separated for a month and he plans to file for divorce and custody of Joseph. She has her GED and is planning on college in the future, but for now is job-hunting and getting about $600/month in food stamps. She still hasn't watched her episode, as it is too sad. [awww. this would have been a trainwreck to follow on Teen Mom 3...]
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Wow a little rude and judgemental. A lot of this information also is just not true and are clear cases of media misinterpreting and twisting facts. Confirm first before posting.